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                Providing great customer service since 1990

                At Jiangyin Hongteng Machinery Co., Ltd. we place great value on our customer relationships. Our product range has grown to reflect the various needs of our customers. As a result we now offer a range of hydraulic systems, hydraulic cylinders tubes, cylinders, chrome plated rods and hydraulic component parts.

                We work in partnership with several leading machinery manufacturers locally and internationally. Our size and years of experience mean that we can customize products to your needs.



                After-sale Services for Products Within the Warranty Period

                1) We will respond to feedback regarding the quality of our products within one hour;

                2) For quality problems caused by our company, we will offer a solution within 2 hours and provide free service;

                3) For problems caused by the customers’ misuse, we will offer a solution within 2 hours and provide paid services within 48 hours to solve the problem so that machine operation can be resumed.


                After-sale Services for Products Beyond the Warranty Period

                1) All of our products come with lifetime maintenance services;

                2) If there are any problems with the products beyond the warranty period, we will respond within 1 hour and offer a solution within 2 hours. Paid services will be provided within 48 hours to solve the problem so that machine operation can be resumed.


                Contact Us

                Address: No.1 Hongteng Rd.,

                Qingyang Town, Jiangyin City,

                Jiangsu Province, China

                Tel:  400-111-6565


                Fax: +86-510-81610029

                Post Code: 214401

                E-mail: info@ChinaHongteng.com